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♪♫ "I believe in Angle's"

A tribunal claim was 'struck-off' because of inexcusable delays.

It was over 18 months since Mr. F ended his employment and claimed he was discriminated against and unfairly dismissed by his employer - Angle Orthodontists.

The judge ruled that on the basis of the claimant’s case, it was impossible for the respondent to know, with any exactitude, what was being alleged against them or how they were expected to defend.

The claimant had provided insufficient evidence to support his claim and no attestation to his five requests for postponements (like pulling teeth).

A word for employers. For a claim to be 'struck-off', with-out having discovered the full facts, is rare (don't rely on angels).

Time limitation periods are in place, as cases can be complex and consequently require early attention.

Good case management is required for both sides and the onus is on the claimant to actively pursue their claim.

In this case, Judge Wyeth said "I believe in Angle's" submission for the claim to be 'struck-off' because it was no longer possible to have a fair hearing.

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