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Hi, I'm Catherine

Catherine Kane, a seasoned HR professional with over 30 years experience in the field. After spending 15 years living and working in London, Catherine and her husband returned home.

After several successful commercial and HR roles in the Recruitment, Concert Promotion, and Retail sectors, most laterally in Group HR roles covering International Resourcing, graduate recruitment, new ventures, finance and dotcom, Catherine founded her own Business Consultancy in 2010.

Her philosophy is that every business has four key parts - Finance, Customer, Operations and People (HR). HR is the part of the most operations with up to 70% of the cost, much of it fixed. It is about transforming that asset to be as agile, and capable as possible is Catherine's core goal – driving ingenuity, difference and value for her customers. 

Where required CKA acts as a 'thin prime' contractor to muster the consortium of expertise required to deliver. This simplifies customer procurement and unifies related disciplines into a co-ordinated suite of services.


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