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Thin Prime and Projects

Catherine Kane Associates uses a Thin Prime service model to align services to the needs of businesses and registered charities. This model allows both to benefit from quality partners, without Catherine Kane Associates needing to add margin like traditional insurance- centric providers.

Projects may also include one-to-one coaching, with each client requiring a one off mix of face to face and phone coaching time. Catherine Kane Associates will source the right coach for the right executive (potentially from out-side of Northern Ireland),  which will require a bespoke price.

Where Catherine Kane Associates is responsible for the delivery of HR Projects and Outsourced HR Managed Services, our approach is to align realisation of business benefit, our range of services, providers and expertise. These capabilities together with low overhead, and vertical cloud-based solutions to offer a highly price-attractive, flexible, dynamic set of services, where our focus is to replicate across customers to keep pricing competitive.


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