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Managed Services

Our Managed Services provide comprehensive support for both Charities and Businesses. Listed below are the service elements some of which could be contained within a Managed Service Agreement with Catherine Kane Associates.


  • HR advice through a dedicated HR Business Partner

  • You have access to a business hours advice line (phone and email), available for you (Monday- Friday, 9am- 5pm), so there's always someone on the end of the phone.

  • Agreed Response time to calls, usually within the same business day.

  • HR Risk Assessment

  • Onsite HR support.


  • Access to our iCloud HR Management software (complimentary for smaller Charities (<50 employees)).

  • Review of your exisiting Staff Handbook or the provision of a new Handbook containing our employment documentation which communicates the necessary elements of employment terms, expectations and policies. 

  • You will receive via your iCloud HR Management software

    • the most commonly used template letters

    • our fully comprehensive, employee friendly contract and handbook templates, all ready for you to use.

    • A suite of best practice Manager Guidelines that take you through the practical steps when dealing with the most common employment issues e.g. long term absence, redundnacy- all downloaded, available and ready for you to use from your iCloud HR Management software.

  • An annual update of employment legislation and the impact it has on your policies for your organisation.

  • Pre FE Monitoring return or Article 55 readiness check, (assistance for FE Monitoring return/Article 55 is available at additional cost).

  • The option to purchase additional HR support using our HR by hr® service, at reduced rates for Managed Service Clients.

  • Flexibility to change your service as needed.


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