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HR Solutions for Business

For Business, Catherine Kane Associates partners with a range of experts, to offer their own and related services. This is underpinned by the data and reporting from its iCloud platform, which frees up time for businesses, by automating HR processes and providing the clarity to focus on business performance and outcomes.

​For those who need a partner. Who want to drive business performance. We achieve this together by our iCloud App, driving employee self service and the CKA wrap-a-round.

You'll likely not to want stock answers - you'll be legal compliant. You will get advice when you need it, issues managed when you require. You will have the flexibility to change your service as needed.

Go straight to the Business Shop and Buy Now. Or press the Button below to get started on a free trial, and we will be in touch.

On demand HR
Managed Services

Our thin- wrap Managed Service, is principally designed for operations led by 'Millenials', who want a managed platform, and HR support on demand, (Available at @HR4NI closed User Group), without a full HR service wrap.

You get all the benefits of iCloud pricing, and can meet all the NI specific legislation as you grow. Also - it's a paperless  operation for absence, holidays and training, so you have less admin and you can manage your operation on the go. Employees' app included.

If you need any additional HR support, buy the hours you need using our complementary HR by hrTM - and we have all your information to respond rapido at @HR4NI closed User Group.

A vital managed service for micro and small business owners, hiring for the first time. This service offers all that you need to get started and be legally compliant from the off.

The package is designed to save you time and give you peace of mind by supplying you with all the necessary documents and guidance in relation to taking on your first employees.

All of the HR documents that we supply you with contain relevant content to your sector that is accurate, up-to-date and legally compliant. They are also bespoke to your business’ needs and written in the style to suit your organisation with logos used where appropriate.

A boutique service. Offering fixed price HR consultancy. Clear deliverables and clear costs. Examples could include work place Investigations, Training Needs Analysis, Organisational reviews, executive coaching and recruitment campaigns.

Purchase HR hours. Buy as many HR hours as you think you will need, in HR by hr® bundles. Perfect if you have infrequent needs or just basically need a little extra help, or smaller consultancy tasks.

See our HR by hrTM Pricing matrix for further information.

A 'buy out' solution'. Offering potential clients an opportunity to relieve their organisation from the chains of an exisiting contract provider.

Should you find your exisiting HR provider no longer meets the needs of your organsiation, you maybe feeling frustrated,  tied in or simply the service provided is no longer a requirement. We have experience of migrating clients seamlessly, from one provider to our flexible arrangements.

Call us to arrange a 30 minute consultation.


Few organisations can afford to budget for the large legal costs or management time associated with unexpectantly defending themselves against employment claims, some of which are potentially unlimited in amount. EPL covers the organisation and their employees against defence costs and awards from employment claims such as sexual harassment or wrongful dismissal. Premiums start from less than £10 p/week.

Our HR advice can optionally be supported by insurance to cover specialist representation, by our Partner, Michelle Savage and Co. solicitors and the cost of compensation awards made against you.

Please ​contact us for more detail or order a proposal form at no cost below.


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