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Cheerio Careers. Greetings Gig

With greater convenience for workers and a better bottom line for employers, what's not to love about the gig economy?

The business model has wide-ranging consequences. There is a risk we idealise the past benefits of permanent employment, when a growing number of people now want alternatives, with more exciting jobs but with less security.

Some of the new economy firms such as Uber and Deliveroo, have been accused of dodging their legal and financial responsibilities, by designating the workforce self-employed - meaning that the workforce get paid for the 'gig' they do, but miss out on career advancement, holiday pay, minimum wage, plus more.

So what?

For employers, the new form of employment contract must now suit the changing workforce. Contact us to review and make sure that your contracts and working practices both support self-employment and employment.

PIcture source Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times (Credit: Allstar/Cinetext

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