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Humour, Insight, Variety of Solution

Humour - Whilst many newsletters try to match our content, none can match our insight. Many of our readers tell us they find the best commentary in our Little Shop of HRsTM newsletter as it delivers on current employement law decisions spiced with some quirky commentary.

Insight - What we bring is a depth of experience in our articles. Our discerning approach allied with our focus, on the wellbeing of your business, make our newsletters stand out. So - you'll not find any standard HR advice! Our quick-read Shout Outs help our readers stay tuned with HR, and its influence on business costs and growth.

Variety of solution - Together our newsletters and Shout Outs look at the full picture for business owners - from tribunal decisions, digital technology dilemmas to recruitment and employee engagement. This means SMEs benefit by having a variety of topics within quality articles delivered directly to your inbox.

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