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Covid Crisis Toolkit

As you can imagine, we have had a significant number of enquiries from businesses all over the country searching for advice and assistance at this difficult time.

To assist in making this as easy as possible, we have put together the following fixed price Covid Crisis Toolkit for Employers to give employers immediate assistance.

Written advice – on options of amending your contracts, furlough, redundancy, lay-offs, short time working and a return to work toolkit.

Seven templates:

  1. Additional clause to insert into your contracts to provide for furlough, lay-off and short time working and accompanying letter to seek agreement from your staff;

  2. Letter to ask your staff to agree to reduce their hours (and pay) on a temporary basis;

  3. Letter to ask your staff to agree to go onto furlough (where you have no contractual right to do so);

  4. Letter to staff who are continuing to work (whether at home or otherwise);

  5. Selection matrix for choosing who you place on furlough; and

  6. Letter inviting staff to volunteer for furlough.

  7. Return to work (phased) step by step guide.

We will consider your draft letters and final amendments (prepared by you on our templates) and give any feedback prior to you sending them out (subject to a maximum of one hour’s work).

We will send you updated templates as the Government issues new guidance.

Fixed price one off payment of £650 plus VAT. Please note that we will require upfront payment of this sum before we provide the advice and templates set out above.

We will be continuing to share updates as the situation around COVID-19 evolves.

You can purchase our Covid Crisis Toolkit online


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