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We're All Schmidt-en Now!

Joe Schmidt

Joe Schmidt's preparation and attention to detail has been lauded as the foundation on which he built Ireland's Grand Slam.

There is lots of grist for the mill to analysing his contribution from a talent management, objective setting, performance review, and planning perspective. And the clock is ticking to the next World Cup.

How closely must he guard his analysis of his players, their strengths, areas to develop? All the details. And how some of them might want to get a more rounded understanding of what's in that folder!

In terms of countdown - there are 62 days remaining until far reaching and wider rights for employees to access the Data held by your organisation. This includes employee rights to have certain data expunged, and an onus on you to prove that the organisation has complied with an employee request.

So, fundamentals need to be in place. Audit the source and internal ownership of all employee data, be able to erase /amend with ease and speed, prove compliance implement data retention periods, refresh all your playbook of policies - means you've got a plan to tackle the rather hopelessly named GDPR regulations.

So, make a start, have a cup of Joe and get smitten with your GDPR Game Plan Here.

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