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The Death of Distance for Learning and Development

Modern approaches to driving performance have come almost as far as Distance learning. Remember the days of Open University, at odd times of the morning?

Now - online learning allows individuals to learn business, technology & creative skills to achieve a wide range of personal & professional goals.

Linking professional profile to learning and development is key for the millennial employee. Linking performance to essential training is a method by which employers can link themselves, into this shift.

The first generation of proprietary learning platforms, targeted at large corporates, and out of reach to many small - medium sized businesses, are rapidly being consigned to history. They have been replaced by flexible online learning platforms, at flexible rates.

Combining access to these online resources, with private hosting of your own repository of learning resources, specific to your organisation, allows new entrepreneurs to support their people’s training, development, and the need to drive performance across whole teams.

Combine your organisation's Intellectual Property - it’s insight, it’s procedures, it’s strategies, into one bespoke cloud space, giving you agility and flexibility to grow. Monitor and trace employee performance, so you realise the benefits, from the moment your staff commence induction, through real-time, consistent communication of the latest company knowledge, training and direction, supported by online learning and qualification.


The ask – how else can you move from the sheep-dip to be outstanding in your field?

Combine your intellectual property, Empower your staff and Drive their performance.

HR Software available on the cloud.

Photo credit - P. Stubbs

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