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Partner Awards Finalist 2016

We are delighted by the announcement from our partner, that Catherine Kane Associates have been selected as a finalist for their Partner Award for Fastest Seller 2016 of their innovative iCloud HR Software.

Part in thanks to our amazing customers, and some great pricing through our Black Friday offer. We won't know the outcome until the Partner Summit in London in March - so here's hoping.

It is over 6 months, since we have introduced our iCloud software (powered by breatheHR), and have added custom reporting to comply with NI Fair Employment legislation.


Speaking for Catherine Kane Associates, the iCloud solution has helped us cut our travel by 9000 miles in six months, which in time and fuel is a saving we can pass on.

More importantly for our customers, it's freeing up time hence reducing costs. We are now seeing an average saving for clients, on just holiday processing, of over 2 hours per employee per annum.

So if you are out there manually processing HR administration like - holidays, expenses, TOIL, health and safety, training, contracts, payroll etc. We suggest you get your head in the clouds!

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