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Web'n'HR™ - Social Media - An employer's dilemma

Social media is a powerful way for engaging with customers and employees alike. But there is an apparent dichotomy between the degree of benefit vs risk.

During this 60 minute Web 'n' HR, we discuss to what extent should employers attempt to control their policies, and is it our responsibility to educate employees on their increasing level of responsibility with regards to their social media footprint? As leaders shouldn't we be developing a more social media savvy culture?

Join Catherine Kane as she discusses the implementation of strategies that mitigate social media risk, drive productivity and employee engagement. You will leave with new ideas on ways to empower staff via digital technology.

Our Web ‘n’ HRs are tailored for each client and designed for leaders. Giving participants best return in focused, interactive sessions. They are limited to six participants per session at £240 per Web'n'HR.

Register Your Interest below and we will organise a suitable time to host your Social Media - an employer's dilemma Web'n'HR.

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