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Auto-enrolment: Questions employers should be asking.

The Auto-enrolment process has opportunities that many employers haven't yet realised.

Such as, have you considered reviewing the total benefits package to ensure maximum value is got for every pound spent on employees?

What about the additional options of flexible benefits and salary sacrifice?

This compulsory requirement on employers is packed with opportunities, so have you capitalised on its benefits? For example using it as a vehicle to ensure equity and fairness of packages that are offered to your staff?

We have some clients who have aligned their staging date with key dates in their organisations calendar e.g. start of the financial year or during a quieter period where the administration priorities aren't that high.

Others have used it as an opportunity to review their HR and payroll processes, to ensure that they are effectively run e.g. consider integrating HR systems or introducing an integrated end-to-end solution.

Don't miss reading through our Free "Helpful Tips" Checklist, containing the top 10 tips that employers could benefit from.

As HR experts with practical, down to earth solutions, our expertise spans change management, HR processes and HRIS implementaion (including Payroll and iCloud HR software experience). Our clients benefit because we suggest ways to help drive higher levels of employee performance and provide tools to save people cost.

We can help you avoid costly mistakes and make the best of the auto-enrolment process.

We offer business owners 30 minutes free consultation. For more information please, contact Catherine Kane directly on 028 900 800 17 or visit our website We look forward to hearing from you.

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