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HR Health Check - My HR IQ

Our online HR Health Checks provide a direct and cost effective way for businesses and organisations in the third sector, to assess their company's human resource practices and processes.

Complete your HR IQ Health Check below

By completing this complimentary HR Health Check, you will benefit from a written report and telephone feedback, which is bespoke to your business, in order for you to fully understand the risks and way forward.

HR IQ Form

4 Steps to How it Works


Complete the Form

Choose which Health Check you need and complete the form. It normally takes just 5 minutes to complete.



We'll Send You an Email

Once we receive your answers, we will email you a copy of your HR Health Check Report which includes our recommendations, based on the answers you provided.


Review Your Report

Review your Report and recommendations, and what you can do to improve HR practices in your organisation.


Follow Up

You can decide to accept 30 minutes complimentary follow up support, which we can then explore what we can offer based on your HR Health Check.


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