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The government’s Good Work Plan proposes eight key changes to Employment law:

  1. A new employment status test.

  2. A right for workers to request a fixed working pattern.

  3. Employers will be required to provide employees and workers with a written statement of terms and conditions on the first day of work (rather than within two months).

  4. The break in continuity of employment will be increased from one week to four weeks.

  5. For calculating a week’s pay, the reference period for variable pay will increase from 12 weeks to 52 weeks.

  6. All agency workers will have the right to pay parity after 12 weeks.

  7. The threshold for employees to set up information and consultation arrangements will be lowered to 2% of employees, subject to the existing minimum of 15 employees.

  8. A ban on employers making staff tips’ deductions.


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