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Web'n'HR® Managing Redundancy

Web'n'HR® Managing Redundancy


This one hour Web'n'HR has been developed to provide participants with an increased understanding of how to manage redundancy, including the legal framework and the process to follow for a fair redundancy.

On completion participants will be able to:-

  • Define what constitutes a redundancy
  • Describe the legal framework for redundancy including non-statutory codes of practice
  • Explain the process of a fair redundancy
  • Describe the benefits of a systematic approach to redundancy
  • Design a fair selection criteria
  • Identify potential discrimination issues
  • Highlight the importance of consultation with employees
  • Identify the range of support measures, internally and externally, which should be provided to those being made redundant
  • Identify ways in which organisations can prevent a redundancy situation
  • Work effectively with trade unions and other staff representatives
  • Consider issues which will impact on redundancy pay entitlement
  • Deploy a range of soft skills to address challenging questions and situations
  • Be aware of an employee’s entitlement to appeal


For Clients on our HR Managed Services Agreements, we offer this Web ‘n’ HR Free of charge.

  • Description

    This one-hour Web'n'HR is for all HR staff and Operational Managers who are likely to be tasked with implementing a redundancy process, supporting others with implementation or just answering questions on, redundancy. It can also be tailored for delivery to staff helping to address their fears and concerns regarding process

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    Due to the interactive nature of our Web'n'HRs, places are limited to 6 per session at a total cost of £240 + VAT.


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