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Web'n'HR® Handling Discipline and Grievance

Web'n'HR® Handling Discipline and Grievance


This one hour Web'n'HR provides delegates with the knowledge and confidence to deal effectively with disciplinary and grievance issues using informal counselling. Attendees will learn how to resolve low level conduct offences and nip grievances in the bud, in order to avoid matters escalating to a formal level. They will also learn how to tackle more serious disciplinary offences through formal disciplinary action, and how to handle grievances formally and fairly in line with legislation


For Clients on our HR Managed Services Agreements, we offer this Web ‘n’ HR Free of charge.

  • Description

    This one-hour Web'n'HR will help you :

    Be able to actively manage misconduct and grievances by ‘nipping them in the bud’ whenever possible

    Carry out thorough, timely and fact-based investigations

    Manage formal grievance meetings competently, including good questioning techniques

    Manage the formal disciplinary meeting, including starting confidently, asking thorough questions, taking robust notes and arriving at the correct decision.

  • Register Your Interest

    To Book this Web'n'HR, click the Add To Cart button and Catherine will call you to arrange a suitable time to host the Web'n'HR.


    To Register Your Interest, please get in touch here.


    For existing HR Managed Services Clients please use your unique voucher code provided to you during your onboarding, after clicking the Add To Cart button.


    Due to the interactive nature of our Web'n'HRs, places are limited to 6 per session at a total cost of £240 + VAT.


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