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Web'n'HR® Absence Management

Web'n'HR® Absence Management


This one hour Web'n'HR is designed to provide managers with the skills and confidence required to deal effectively with employee absence, while maintaining a positive and productive working environment.

Training is aimed at line managers and supervisors who are involved in the management of, sickness absence in their teams.

This Web'n'HR shows how both short and long-term absences can be managed proactively to promote employee health and wellbeing, boost business performance and reduce financial strain.


For Clients on our HR Managed Services Agreements, we offer this Web ‘n’ HR Free of charge.

  • Description

    This one-hour Web'n'HR will cover :

    • Types of absence – difference in approach in managing short and long term absence
    • Impact of absence – assessing the cost of absence to the bottom line 
    • Trigger points – the 'Bradford factor' and other trigger levels for monitoring and managing absence
    • Patterns – looking for ‘unacceptable patterns of absence’
    • Return to work interviews (RTWI)– how to conduct a thorough and professional RTWI
    • Keeping in touch – how to keep in touch and carry out home visits
    • Medical reports – achieving focused medical reports
    • Using a case management approach - making a case management approach work successfully to prevent the drift into long term absence
    • Disability – what is a disability and what is disability discrimination?
    • Dismissals – when would a company dismiss for short-term absence or dismiss on the grounds of capability in the case of long-term absence.
    • Difficult Cases – understanding how to manage difficult cases, including work related stress or a catastrophic injury or illness
    • Support – promoting employee health and wellbeing.
  • Register Your Interest

    To Book this Web'n'HR, click the Add To Cart button and Catherine will call you to arrange a suitable time to host the Web'n'HR.


    To Register Your Interest, please get in touch here.


    For existing HR Managed Services Clients please use your unique voucher code provided to you during your onboarding, after clicking the Add To Cart button.


    Due to the interactive nature of our Web'n'HRs, places are limited to 6 per session at a total cost of £240 + VAT.


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