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Employment Law Advice

Catherine Kane Associates is delighted to have agreed a referral arrangement with Michelle Savage, Principal at Savage and Co.


Savage and Co, is a locally based law firm established in 1987 and specialising in employment Tribunal representation and all types of discrimination and equality issues and has acted in many important precedent setting cases.

Michelle Savage has significant experience both at Industrial Tribunals, Fair Employment Tribunals and all Court including the Court of Appeal. Michelle is also a Committee member of the Employment Lawyers Group N.I.

The Legal Service offered is a cost-effective advisory service to Catherine Kane Associates Managed Services Clients.

Savage and Co. takes a commercial and realistic approach to handling employment litigation. They assess the case early on and provide clients with a clear view on the merits and the best way to manage the case in order to bring it to a satisfactory conclusion – be that tribunal, mediation or a full and final settlement - taking into account clients' objectives and budget.

For clients who are facing a claim or employment tribunal, Catherine Kane Associates will facilitate an introduction with Savage and Co. (If you have Employers Practices Liability Insurance, Savage and Co. will be able to act on your behalf, by agreement with your insurer).


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