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WEB 'n' HR

Web based HR conferencing.

Brought to you by Catherine Kane Associates

CO3 Members

This Quick brew Web 'n' HR is designed with audience participation in mind, therefore numbers are restricted to 6 participants. Places will be confirmed on a FCFS basis.

Price £240
Free to CO3 Members
Quick brew
8 - 8.30am
Social media - an employer’s dilemma

Catherine Kane

Social media is a powerful way for engaging with customers and employees alike. But there is an apparent dichotomy between the degree of risk vs benefit.

During this 30 minute Web 'n' HR, we discuss to what extent should employers attempt to control their policies, and is it our responsibility to educate employees on their increasing level of responsibility with regards to their social media footprint? As leaders, shouldn't we be developing a more social media savvy culture?


We hope you join us at 8am on the 19th October.




Unfortunately this offer has expired.

If you wish to find out more about our Web 'n' HRs please follow this link.


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