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*Amara's Law

"We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run"

Recognising Amara's law*-  we sourced a technology partner who supported our vision, functionality at the right price, and we found that partner in breatheHR.

We add to the core capablities of breatheHR, how to meet NI legislation and have proven payroll integration from our Partner Hub to the leading provider of payroll outsourcing- Payescape.

  • The cloud based software offers all the tools we need to enable us to become a virtual HR department for you.

  • breatheHR provides our clients with an easy to use and easy to understand, system, that enables them to have all their staff files at their fingertips, regardless of what time it is or where they are.

  • breatheHR is a management system that takes the stress out of managing HR administration for our clients.   The system can record and access employee information, manage holiday requests, sickness and absence and connect and communicate with employees across an organisation.

  • At CKA, we've built a reporting solution to complete your annual Fair Employment Monitoring return.

  • breatheHR is a self service system which means that employees can use the system to view and amend their own personal details, which are only available to themselves and their assigned management. These details include:- Contact information, payment details, holiday requests, sickness records and any assigned tasks.

  • Additionally the system can share company information, including:- Employee contracts and Staff Handbook and a Public calendar for holidays.

  • Also they help us Breathe fresh HR!

Discover how breatheHR can free up your day. Contact us today.



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