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Web'n'HR® New Data Protection Law

Web'n'HR® New Data Protection Law


Although the UK has voted to leave the EU, EU law will continue to shape our data protection obligations.The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR), which introduces significant and demanding changes, will come into force in May 2018.

From then and until we exit the EU, the GDPR will apply directly to UK businesses. Even once we have left the EU, the Information Commissioner has confirmed that UK data protection standards will need to be on a par with those of the EU.

One of the best ways to prepare for the inevitable uplift in your data protection obligations is to ensure you have rigorous and measurable HR processes in place now.

Taking key HR activities, such as subject access requests, privacy notices and consent, transfers overseas, medical records and record retention, we will examine how best to comply with the current law. How will the GDPR affect these activities before and after our exit from the EU? Where are you most at risk and what can you do now to prepare?


For Clients on our HR Managed Services Agreements, we offer this Web ‘n’ HR Free of charge.

  • Description

    This one-hour Web'n'HR will cover :

    • Understand why EU and UK data protection law will remain entwined, despite the referendum vote

    • Get practical advice on compliance with the current law in relation to key HR activities and employee records

    • Learn how EU data protection law is changing and how this will affect HR functions in the light of the GDPR and BREXIT

    • Be able to assess where you are now and where you are most at risk

    • Know what to do to prepare for the uplift in your employer data protection obligations

    • Be updated on the latest information from the Government and Information Commissioner

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    Due to the interactive nature of our Web'n'HRs, places are limited to 6 per session at a total cost of £240 + VAT.


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